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With about 50 researchers in HEP@VUB we perform fundamental research towards a profound and comprehensive understanding of both the largest and smallest structures around us. By combining theoretical and experimental research of high-energy phenomena in the universe and on the quantum scale we are convinced that we will be able to consolidate at the VUB our flourishing HEP@VUB research centre and continue to excel internationally. To achieve a coherent global picture of the reality around us, puzzling features that challenge the underlying basic principles in physics on large and small scales have to be studied and understood. The foundations of the Standard Models of particle physics and cosmology face problems to explain for example the omnipresence of dark matter and dark energy, as well as the apparent need for fine-tuning in several corners of our models and the difficulty to unite all forces. Novel theoretical reasoning and further experimental explorations will provide insights towards solutions. The recent creation and now further consolidation of our phenomenological research activities are essential to optimally connect theory and experiment, as well as large-scale and small-scale features.